Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel Plus 8oz
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel Plus 8oz Size Specification

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Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel Plus 8oz

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Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel is a unique gelled formulation of our high purity ancient magnesium chloride and biologically active organic aloe vera extract in therapeutic amounts. This professional strength magnesium gel formulation was developed for sustained release of magnesium chloride and aloe vera polysaccharides by the skin. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel stays hydrated when applied, and is designed not to be fully absorbed.


Water, Genuine Zechstein® magnesium chloride, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, certified organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

100mg elemental magnesium per 1ml


8 Oz.


  • Primarily and ideal for massage applications
  • Amazing benefits in sports recovery massage
  • Fragrance free
  • Organic ingredients
  • Can be applied directly onto sore joints or muscles
  • Promotes restful sleep


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