Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Minimum Order

  1. Per transaction, 12 pieces per product type selected.
  2. Products from different suppliers will be packed and shipped separately.

Order Placement

The preferred mode of order placement is via online. Please fill up the Wholesale Order Form.

You may also email your order using the MVP Wholesale Form.

Orders placed via phone call incur an additional charge of P75.00 for manual processing fee.


Prices are subject to change depending on the cost of the products at the time of purchase.

We do not keep stock. We order the products on the day you place your order and payment.

Sample Orders are priced differently from the wholesale prices because it is packed and processed differently. We do not offer free samples as everything has a cost.

You will be provided with a Price Guide that indicates the following:

  • Sample Prices are given for your first order so you can sample the product and review it.
  • Wholesale Prices are exclusively offered to business entities and individuals who are registered with MVP Selections as resellers to give them margin for their costs and profit. Wholesale prices have a required minimum order quantity and value.
  • Retail Prices - You will be given a minimum and maximum retail price to guide you on selling MVP Selections products.

Payment Terms

All orders must be prepaid before any shipment is processed.

The purpose of this endeavor is to raise funds to support our educational missions. We do not offer credit terms or consign as we also pay our suppliers upon placement of orders.

Payments can be sent via PayPal or direct deposit to MVP Selections bank account. Check payments have to be cleared before the order is processed.

Product Packing

Wholesale orders do not include individual packing.

Bottled goods are usually packed per product type in 12's in cartons with dividers.

Dried goods are typically packed in cartons by 12's, 24's or 48's in cartons depending on product size and weight.

If order quantities per product type are not in the 12's, assorted goods may be packed in cartons.

Special individual packing incurs additional costs.

Return and Exchange Policies

Each wholesale order is prepared based on the client's wholesale order. For this reason, MVP Selections does not accept refunds except if the goods delivered were defective or broken in transit due to poor packaging or problematic transport of goods . We may give you a refund or exchange the defective goods.

The client is allowed to exchange a maximum of 12 pieces per product type of unsold goods at perfect condition within 30 days it was delivered. The client will bear the cost of delivery charges for the exchange of goods.

Unsold Products that are exchanged will require a minimum stocking fee that will be charged the client. The stocking fee depends on the product.


Packing List

The client will receive a Packing List for every order.

The client must provide a physical ship-to address. P.O. Box addresses are not acceptable.

Mode of Shipping

The client has a choice on the mode of shipping:

  1. Pick up at MVP Selections Station-P (at no additional costs), or
  2. Select one of our recommended couriers to ship your order (with Shipping costs to be added to the value of the order).

Pick-Up Days at Station-P

Pick-up days and times at Station-P (the MVP Main Office and Warehouse) are every Wednesdays from 3:00 - 5:00 pm.

Shipping Information

Upon your approved Wholesale Registration, you will be required to fill up Form B to guide us on your Shipping Preferences.

If regular Wednesdays are not ideal for the client's pick-up schedule at Station-P, a mutually agreed pre-set days proposed by the client will be reviewed for accommodation it without extra charge. This is a matter of discussion.

As much as possible, the pre-set mutually agreed days will be followed for regular pick-up days. This ensures MVP Selections' efficient operations to best serve all its clients and suppliers with assigned schedules.

Deliveries to the client's select depot via a select courier is of course dependent on the courier's schedules. The client will be advised beforehand of the expected delivery time to make sure that the appointed receiver will be available. Tracking information and shipment advice will be emailed.

Additional Shipping Charges

For rush orders, your request for a different Pick-up day at Station-P and time might incur an additional charge to be indicated as it occurs.

There is an additional charge if the delivery site is not on the first floor.

The standard delivery protocol for the shipping charge you pay for is delivery at the first floor reception /receiving area or by the Warehouse dock to unload packages.

If the site is an additional floor and there is no elevator, there will be additional charges to bring the goods to your preferred site per kilo, should the appointed courier accept the request. This shipping condition has to be clearly stated before delivery so that both parties are aware if the appointed carrier is willing to do this accommodation at cost.

If the delivery was unsuccessful on the set date of shipment because of erroneous shipping information given by the client or the assigned receiver was not available, the client will have to pay additional charges for a rescheduled delivery.

The delivery personnel will assist your authorized receiver to open the shipping cartons for inspection.

Additional waiting time outside normal inspection and delivery protocols imposed upon the delivery personnel will be charged by the hour.

The authorized receiver will be notified of the tentative delivery time so that s/he will be expected to make time to receive the goods promptly. A call or text will be sent if unexpected traffic occurs beyond the control of the delivery personnel to which the authorized receiver will acknowledge to stay informed.

The delivery personnel is not expected to carry the shipping cartons into the client's warehouse or storage facilities but only to drop it off at the authorized receiving section indicated on the Shipping Information Form B.

Shipping cost: Shipping costs are based on contracted third-party carrier. Prices change beyond our control. If the shipping cost estimate you paid differs from the actual shipping costs on the day of shipment, you will be notified for the additional charge. The additional charge has to be paid before the delivery can be made.

For residence delivery:

The delivery will only be dropped off at the front door. The courier is not allowed to enter the door.

It is the responsibility of the client to notify the village security to expect delivery on the day advised by MVP Selections. The Shipping Information Form B has to include details on any special access numbers required to enter the client's receiving area.

For business address delivery:

The client has to inform MVP Selections if there is a special access number or instructions to enter the premises. It is the responsibility of the client to notify security, reception and other personnel to allow the courier entry.

On the filled-in Shipping Information Form B Guide of the client, indicate if the delivery is going to be a residence, an office, or a warehouse.

Will the warehouse have an assigned dock? Does it have a forklift?

It will be the responsibility of the client to assign his/her personnel to receive the delivery on the first floor by the door or at the receiving dock. There will be additional charges if the delivery is required to be brought to a higher floor.

Delivery Inspection Protocol

The client's authorized receiver is expected to inspect the goods delivered before the courier leaves and signs the delivery receipt.

If there are shipping errors or goods damaged in transit, the assigned MVP Selections delivery personnel will take a photo and document for our records.

If the delivery is made through a contracted courier, the client's receiver has to call immediately upon acceptance of delivery and send photos of the damages to authenticate the issue at hand on the day and time of delivery and not 3 hours or days later.

A replacement will be prepared and delivered to you at no extra cost.

MVP Selections accepts no liability for any loss resulting from the customer’s failure to comply with our carriers’ delivery.

If the carrier has to return the shipment to us then the customer will be liable for all shipping charges and credited for all merchandise returned in sellable condition.

Order Processing

Our goal is to deliver goods as fresh as possible. We do not keep a stock except for samples.

Goods are produced upon placement of order.

Our target is to make a delivery within 2 weeks upon your order, ideally.

Good are produced in the order of priority it has been placed.

The first order accepted is the first order that will be processed.

Since MVP Selections is dependent on the schedule of its suppliers, lead time may vary depending on the time and season your order was placed.

It is best to give at least 4 weeks lead time for your retail operations.

Note that our suppliers are both local producers, manufacturers, and exporters. We are dependent on their production schedules and have no control over their prior commitments.


MVP Selections does not offer exclusivity of its product offerings in any geographical area.

We aim to collaborate on community-building and promote a non-competitive environment. We honor the integrity of each MVP Seller – our Most Valued Partner and Promoter.

We inquire of your coverage area so that we can select other sellers that are reasonably distant from your area of interest although we cannot guarantee that we will not select potential resellers who may be near your area.

We do not control prices. You have the right to choose the selling price best for you. We do recommend that you respect the MVP Selections Online Price ceiling so that we can all sell effectively to our respective target markets while keeping the brands that we both carry with marketing integrity.

We welcome you to share the email addresses of your contacts if they want to avail of other benefits available to our subscribers. Privacy of contacts will be honored. For your protection, if your contacts reach us directly and we are aware that they are under your list, we will honor your first come-first contact relationship with them and we will refer them back to you.

Because of your partnership and your community support, we do plan to extend our gratitude directly to your contacts as well, especially during special new product offerings and/or promotions that will also benefit your business. Every sale generated from your contacts should reward you with commissions.

For referrals, with your approval and instruction, we will ship directly to your clients who order by the bulk/box to relieve you of the hassle. We will do this if you register your contact with us under your distributorship. You will receive commissions for every sale from your referrals.

Marketing Strategy

Please promote MVP Selections' mission and vision so that your contact will participate in supporting such a worthy cause as they purchase from you products promoting value to their health and well-being.