Coconut Republic

MVP Selections is honored to present Coconut Republic® to the Philippines, home of the Coconut Republic®

This is the first time that this world-class brand and top producer of quality organic coconut products will be made available in the local market.

Coconut Republic® is the secret source and supplier to global foreign buyers who market their prominent private labels of coconut -based products in the US, Australia, select European countries and key cities in Asia.

What’s so special about Coconut Republic®?

The Original Coco Leader 

There are many coconut products but only one original. Long before organic became a trend in the Philippines and health enthusiasts were loco about healthy coco benefits, Coconut Republic® pioneered in several innovations, techniques, and processes in developing the coconut sap-based industry in the Philippines. It partnered with and serves top international wholesalers and resellers to establish the popular and healthy recognition of coconut products in the global market that it is today. The popular international brand you typically see online, in the store and in ADs may have been mostly produced by Coconut Republic®.

The Coconut Republic® brand is a registered trademark in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, Japan, and China. It has passed third-party international stringent tests of quality and integrity and earned various certifications, namely:
• United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Organic
• European Union Organic
• Fair Trade
• Kosher
• Carbon-neutral





Perfect Organic Quality Assured

The organic certifications of Coconut Republic® assures the buyers that it does not use synthetic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. It only produces premium quality products for your health and well-being.

Responsibly Sustainable Products Preserving the Environment
Coconut Republic® was the first to acquire carbon neutral certification in the Philippines. Its compliance indicates that the greenhouse gas emitted from the processes, packaging, transporting, international shipping and services rendered at its environmental-friendly level.

Often, you would see products claiming to be organic and healthy and yet it applies bad-for-your-health and bad-for-the-environment practices in production and packaging that is not typically known by the unsuspecting consumer.

Integrity in healthy and quality practices are assured by Coconut Republic®

Pro- Filipino

There are many competitors but there is no comparison with Coconut Republic®’s commitment to social responsibility. When you buy Coconut Republic®, you promote the progress of the Filipino economy and help alleviate poverty. Each product assures you not only of quality but certified practice of FAIR TRADE to all coconut farmers who produce Coconut Republic®verified by third-party international certifications.

The founder of Coconut Republic®, Lalaine Villafuerte-Abonal is also the founder and unifying leader of Organic Farmers and Processors Association of the Philippines (OFPAP), composed of community grower group members consisting of cooperatives, NGO’s, family-owned farms and private corporations strategically situated in key cities all over the Philippines. It is the first and only trade association in the Philippines that holds the distinction of having 100 percent of its members as truly USDA Organic certified.

The Coconut Republic®, in collaboration with its OFPAP grower groups, is presently the leading exporter/producer of coconut sugar, syrup, vinegar, flour and seasoning in the Philippines.

MVP Selections is the exclusive distributor of Coconut Republic® in the Philippines. If you are a wholesaler or reseller interested to offer Coconut Republic®, do contact us.

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