About Lalaine Villafuerte

Lalaine Villafuerte- Abonal is a graduate of Economics from the University of the Philippines. She is the founder and president of eAsia Outsourcing & Marketing Services.

Backed by 25+ years of extensive business experience specifically as a strategist in product sourcing and development, her exclusive brokerage firm has built strong relationships with top foreign buyers whom she supplies “The best of the Philippines” products with guaranteed seals of international quality certifications.

She is also the founder of Coconut Republic®, a world-class producer of high-quality coconut-based products that have passed stringent tests of integrity stamped with the following international certifications:
• United States Department of Agriculture Organic Certification
• European Union Organic Certification issued
• Kosher Certified
• Fair Trade Certification
• Carbon-Neutral Certified

Her commitment to boost the Philippine economy and desire to help the small Filipino farmers inspired her to establish the non-stock and non-profit Organic Farmers and Processors Association of the Philippines (OFPAP), composed of cooperatives, NGO’s, family-owned farms and private corporations situated all over the Philippines.

OFPAP is the first and only trade association in the Philippines that holds the distinction of having 100 percent of its members as having USDA certifications.

Through Lalaine’s leadership, OFPAP serves as the gateway to international marketing for small entities offering top of the line Philippine-grown Super Crops with assured international quality standards and conscious adherence to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Her organizations boast an exclusive international clientele of reputable and prominent private label companies across the US, Australia, top European countries and key Asian cities.

Most likely, behind many international premier coconut-based Philippine-made products brands you see in the global market is produced by Coconut Republic® and its OFPAP members, the top producer and exporter of coconut sugar, syrup, flour, vinegar, and seasoning in the Philippines.

Aside from her enterprising and leadership skills, Lalaine is a notable author and publisher of 5 books. Sharing her unique and enlightening experience as a Buying Agent, she wrote:
• IT Outsourcing Opportunities in the Philippines
• 101 Lessons Learned by a Buying Agent.

As a visionary and admirer of the Philippine’s natural resources, she wrote a set of very unique book concept - Coffee Table cum Comprehensive Reference books that to this day have no equal:
• ABACA Philippines
• COCONUT Philippines
• MORINGA Philippines

Her publications are also sold by MVP Selections and Amazon.

Her passion for the Philippine heritage and fellowmen are reflected in all her business pursuits. Most importantly, of highest priority, Lalaine’s business ventures support Christian missions committed to spreading the love and the Good News of Jesus Christ.