Triple Treat Energizer

What happens when you use the Miracle Tree and the Tree of Life as a fuel for your body?


Moringa Loose Leaf Tea + Moringa Powder + Coconut sap based Sweeteners Equal Triple Treat Energizer that will sustain you the whole day and beyond.


Each product in this combo set is filled with energy-inducing power due to its multiple nutrients that are more potent than any processed energy drink or pill supplements that are taken individually.


The combined synergistic interaction of the complete protein + multi-vitamins + multi-minerals + phytonutrients will supercharge you with energy and good health every day. Guaranteed. All you need to do is take it daily.


Dr. Mylene V. Matti, founder, and director of GreenEarth Heritage Foundation, Inc. recommends that you drink one liter of Moringa tea daily for optimal potency. That is only 4.25 cups (8 oz size cup).


Add Moringa Powder in your meals to boost your nutrients.


Cheers to your health!