Live the Moringa Miracle Book


Live the Moringa Miracle Book

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Go have a Moringa tea break while you wait. (wink!)

Live the Moringa Miracle Book is a special true-to-life testimony of cancer conqueror and founder of MVP Selections LLC, Marita V. Pierce, M.E.,  that details how the moringa miracle plant contributed to her cancer treatment and current daily health maintenance free from medications.

True to form, the Moringa plant reaped a harvest of miracles in her life from head to toe which she fervently hopes will happen to all the avid Moringa consumers.

This special edition presents updated scientific facts on moringa presented in an attractive, colorful, and easy to understand and practical application that even a grade school student can comprehend.

Marita is no scientist so she wrote the book from the point of view of the ordinary person like her who needed to decipher the science behind her miracles and translate it in practical daily living.

She wrote the book with the age-level curiosity of a young child-learner, researched in-depth based on her training as a graduate of master in education and therapist, analyzed the facts with the maturity of a seasoned survivor, and inspires practical recommendations as a trained and trusted therapist and caring friend.

Applying her combined and professional experiences and skills as a writer, story-teller, educator, therapist for special needs individuals, graphic designer, and layout artist this book is a class of its own. Marita ingeniously combined creative elements:

  • the entertaining appeal of glossy magazine-style layout,
  • the engaging humor and wit of comic strips,
  • and the empathic and thoroughness yet digestible scientific data conveyed in a conversational manner that will pique your curiosity, convict, and challenge you to apply life-saving practices for your health and well-being.

This book offers hope of the possibility of taking the natural and painless way to treat chronic ailments, supplement cancer treatment, and avoid diseases. An approach that is available, accessible, and affordable to everyone, for all ages and social status.

If you have questions about Moringa, reach out to us at Marita will personally send you her reply.