When Hoarding Becomes A Blessing

Do you hoard? What do you hoard?

I must tell you, I am not a hoarder. I am not even attached to things.

But when I got hooked on this special thing I will share with you, I could not help but HOARD.

This super natural thing was part of the reason for my supernatural healing and recovery from stage 4 incurable cancer. While the doctors claim that there is no cure, and therefore, they have to diligently check on my health every 3 months, today’s scientific breakthrough and the touch of God as well as His blessed Will, led to my healing and continued recovery.

Back to The Thing! It’s green and grows in the tropics. I source out My thing from the Philippines. What is it?

It is premium loose leaf moringa teaThe cover photo was a big hint!

Moringa tea literally keeps me going each day. It not only gives me all day energy without negative side effects but more so, detoxifies me from the 6 chemotherapy I was subjected to. It repairs my cells and boosts my bone development.

There are so many powerful and positive effects of moringa tea.



Because I live in Houston, I hoard this imported royal tea. It is harvested by Green Earth Heritage Foundation, Inc., Philippines.

I tried other moringa tea sourced from online stores. Nothing compares to the GreenEarth moringa tea. Its good quality is consistent. Its integrity secure. Just look at the package. It has so many seals of certification.



As a cancer survivor, I am iffy about trying herbs without organic certification. The herb may be healthy but the processing may not be. Eeeks! There are some that have organic certification but when I opened the package, it just didn’t look, feel and smell right.

And so, I ended up hoarding.

Hoarding this tea is a sure blessing not only for me as I directly benefit from it daily. My love affair with moringa began in November 2012, a few days before I began my chemotherapy.

Each moringa tea purchased from Green Earth provides a decent income to the farmers and educational scholarships to their children. That is one whole community blessed by my hoarding. Wow!



If you know the excellent benefits of this tea, wouldn’t you want to hoard like me?

After 4 years of hoarding, stocking up the goodness, and yes, sharing it — as in I was giving it away for free for those who need super natural healing and recovery —- I am finally launching a wonderful alternative to my hoarding….Can you guess?

To support GreenEarth Heritage Foundation, Inc. and the educational missions and communities that I care for, I am now selling this Miracle Tea!

May I invite you to try moringa tea? Drink it daily and you will see its positive effects in your life.

Read its benefits. https://mvpselections.com/product/moringa-premium-loose-leaf-tea-5-ounce/

Let’s hoard GreenEarth moringa and be a blessing!