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The Most Valuable Plan for our Life is to Be Healthy

WELCOME     Yay! You’re here ~ my MVP – Most Valuable Player (of your life). I have been expecting you, precious one. Let’s MVP These are  3 life value actions that are good for our health and well-being. May I invite you to do it with me? Let’s do MVP –  Motivate. Vitalize. Progress.   A life worth living is a life full of sharing. Let’s do it together. I will be your MVP– Most Valued Promoter ~ passing simple and practical insights to inspire both of us to do our MVP action plan.   The MVP In•Sight Blog is part of my Massive Vocal Promotion for you and me to motivate us to vitalize our health and well-being so that we will progress daily with our conscious and cheerful effort. Progress is never automatic.   My...

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