Live Life in a SNAP

Don’t you wish that life could be as easy as a Snap?

How ironic that our actually SHORT earthly life involves a lot of LONG waiting.

How odd that one thing could have two opposing meanings. Take for instance the word “SNAP”. It could mean breaking or a breakthrough.

Of course, I prefer a breakTHROUGH, don’t you? A negative turned positive. A SNAP of energetic, quirky, refreshing idea.  Yeah!



Let me tell you my story. How confusion brought clarity. Desperation gave birth to inspiration. My helpless state inspired me to be even more helpful, not only to me but more so, to others.

Though I am presently in full remission, after battling multiple myeloma (blood and bone cancer), the diagnosis of “incurable” all the more sparked my insatiable thirst for lifelong learning. This time, I focused on learning how to live healthily and maintain my well-being.



Life is so complex. Getting sick confounds life on a higher level. Even when you recover, life is a never-ending labyrinth.

If you have taken chemotherapy and radiation, oh my goodness! — you will relate to what I feel — that your days complicate as life becomes a daily riddle to be solved. Confusing is an understatement.

Crazy life becomes even crazier with chemo brain. You have more DUH’s than Aha’s!



My life ambition became so simple after surviving cancer. I aimed for Simple. Stress-free. EASY

Alas, my resurrected life post-cancer discovered that Easy = EFFORT and EXERTION. Argh!



Instead of snapping like a pencil with all the challenges that could break me, I decided to opt for the happier SNAP ~ merry, lively, energetic endurance. To make life more livable. With splashes of joy in it.


I added ~ful in my life of wonder in a wearisome world — Wonder.ful!

–FUL — Three letters can transform the meaning of a word.


Shift your
Attuned to
Positive Perspectives

Google made information accessible. Thank you!

But reading tons of files, data, long words, highfalutin WOE-rds!, never-ending litany….was so tiring for my chemo brain.



The Marita [speed-reader, quick thinker] pre-cancer version is gone. Chemo side effects make me feel like my brain goes on a cognitive carousel — round and round it goes.

Marita post-cancer version likes a snappy version, please. Spare me the tedium. Life is too short.

Why can’t someone speak the truth in short versions? Snippets?

Why is scholarly reading like an onion? Layers and layers of facts overwhelmed me.

My chemo brain could not contain all the information I take in. My memory is short. My energy is limited. My vision is blurry. My fingers are shaky. My fragile spine assessed as 60-70 year old could not sit too long.



By the way, I am not complaining. Such are my realistic limitations.

I was learning how to read while I was learning how to walk independently and move about safely. Imagine a preschooler on a walker with huge spectacles to decipher micro prints of research materials. That is how I felt, minus the tears, plus a lot of grit and Grace from God, I believe :)



Crises made me snap in a different way. I also got smacked with a happy SNAP!

Sisterly support
Nurtured me with lots of
Aid, Advice, Attention and
Pointed me in the right direction.

They did!

How? ~ you ask?

My personal gene pool of scholars provided me with peer-reviewed and professional selections of reading materials. This made it easy for me to learn what I needed to learn. What a tremendous act of love!

Oh, Snap!

Inspired by my snappy sisters, an energetic clever idea flashed in a snap.

As an educator and therapist, I used to devise educational plans to assist children with special needs to enable them to read with easy comprehension and contain the facts in their brain.


And so, I did to me how I wished to be done to me. I hired myself as MY therapist! I rewrote what I read in words I could understand. In length my brain could contain. In presentations that trained my brain to remember.

The Aim of SNAP is to Make information comprehensible in digestible bite-size portions. Science made simple. Positive life translated into practice.

Would you like a kiss? You are going to get it from me:) lol!

I will KISS you with SNAPS.


Short and

What is a SNAP? SNAP stands for

Snippets you
Need to nurture and
Apply for
Positive Living


The SNAP of Daily Value is my postcard style newsletter that is a Love Tribute borne out of Sisterly Love.

The SNAPS I will share with you made a powerful impact in my life during my cancer treatment and to this day, super naturally contribute to my health and well-being.

The First Series of SNAPS are special for these are what I learned from my sisters who are considered professional experts in their own right.


Dr. Mylene V. Matti is the founder and executive director of GreenEarth Heritage Foundation, Inc., the producer of moringa tea that MVP Selections promotes. More about Mylene.


Lalaine V. Abonal is an entrepreneur-extraordinaire and author of 3 well-written and comprehensive books on Moringa, Coconut and Abaca — all proudly produced in the Philippines, land of my birth. Yes! More about Lalaine.


Lori Villafuerte is known as the Empress of Schmuze, the social media magician that connects and capsulizes my messages in captivating presentations that can impact your life. More about Lori

If you need some cheering up or moral support just as I went through, SNAP positively. Holler if you need help. Connect with me for cheers, care, and prayers:

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Cheers to your good health and well-being,


Marita V Pierce

Marita V. Pierce

Founder, MVP Selections LLC